For the last two weeks we have been learning about mobility & immobility in our nursing lab class. This consisted of learning the complications that can arise from prolonged bed rest – muscle atrophy, contractures, pressure ulcers, etc… We have been learning how to assist patients in exercise, positioning them on their beds (supine position, lateral position) and finally yesterday, we learned how to transfer patients from a stretcher to a bed, from a bed to a wheelchair, or from a wheel chair to another chair. For this we learned how to practice proper body mechanics for ourselves and our clients, as well as how to use a “transfer belt”. We also got to practice with the mechanical lift, a device that would be used for patients who are too heavy to transfer, who have particular injuries, or who are non-weight baring.

It was really fun and interesting! Next week we are going to be tested on “standing pivot transfers” by demonstrating with an actor in from of some instructors. The demo will be worth 7.5% of our overall grade for the Nursing Lab class! So far I’m doing well in all of my courses, I have received an 80% and higher on everything, except one quiz (which I had studied the WRONG chapter for!)

I’m glad I got to take pictures and hopefully I will continue to be able to document my life at school, as long as the instructors don’t get too strict on privacy procedures. Next week we are starting to learn how to take vital signs! (Blood pressure, heart rate, pulse) I am actually going to start studying right after I make this entry. Tomorrow I get to pick up my “nursing kit” which will include many tools, such as a blood pressure cuff and a real stethoscope! I’ll take lots of pictures and keep you updated.

My entries will be about more than just school, however, I have not been doing much else other than studying and working, and of course, going to school! When other fun things happen, I’ll post about them too!