Vital Signs

Yesterday I picked up my nursing kit from the book store. The cost was included in our tuition fees, yet it still felt nice to have something physically handed to me without having to whip out my debit card on the spot! The kit contains the tools we will need for next weeks class; vital signs.

More specifically, we were given a blood pressure cuff, a pocket holder with supplies, a handy notebook for practical nurses, measuring tape, a name tag label, two Sheridan crests (which we will sew to our scrubs when we get them), a Sheridan pen, and a stethoscope. Best of all, we even got this cute Sheridan tote bag! I was particularly excited about that.

I can’t wait to start vital signs. I have started my studies on the subject and so far am about half way through measuring body temperature. I have a test today in my Fundamentals of Practical Nursing class, I hope it goes well as I’m finding it hard to study very much. Mostly because that class is so simple and basic; It feels like I already know everything when I read it over.

Tonight I have a hair appointment! I’ll be sure to take pictures of my new do. It’s always important to pamper yourself every now and then, especially when you deserve it!!