A New Do

As aforementioned, I had my hair done last week! I must say, I have never in my LIFE gotten so many wonderful comments about a hair cut/do I have received. Seriously! Pretty much every female that has seen me since then has told me how nice my new hair is, “I LOVE IT!”

It really makes me happy with my decision to go back to dark/red, and even to cut my hair short! Even though I really love the way long hair looks on girls, especially when they make it all curly and wavy… that sort of seems to be the style these days. However, I never seemed to be able to make my hair look like that, so now I’ve just sort of done my own thing!

I couldn’t be happier with the results! =)

Aside from that, school is going well. I learned how to take blood pressure this week and am excited to test on anyone who is willing! We had our first demo, wherein we were to transfer a patient (played by another student) from a hospital bed to a wheelchair using a transfer belt. I did really well, trying my best not to let my nerves get the best of me. I handled every mishap smoothly and everything went great! I ended up getting a 77% on the demo, which although I strive for 80’s, I’m satisfied with my mark.

We had our first “bell ringer” in Anatomy yesterday. We had to, one-by-one, circulate around the room observing loose bones and name them on our test sheets. A bell would ring ever 2 minutes and we would move to the next station to name the bones there. This was worth 15% of our overall grade for that course, and I got an 89%! I know my bones!

I seem to be doing well with everything. I haven’t missed any assignments and (with the exception of that one stupid quiz) I haven’t gotten anything lower than a 75%. I want to graduate with a 3.0 minimum, and so far, that’s looking pretty likely!

I have started going to the gym at my school with one of my classmates, Allie. We went yesterday after class and plan to go again this morning. I have been continuing to eat healthy and regularly, and I’m excited to see some weight gain and muscle tone in myself! Pictures will come soon =) That’s all for now!