Twinkle Toes

Wow! I’ve gone so long without writing. For this I truly apologize, mostly to myself. In all truth, There hasn’t been an exceedingly large amount of things to write about! I did amazing on my midterms and am now half way through my first semester. I’m still maintaining an approximate 80% average in all of my classes.

The other day I bought my scrubs & completed my CPR/First Aid training. I’m now certified and completely ready to begin my clinical placement, which is actually tomorrow! We’ll be going to a long-term care facility for three hours each week, assisting the elderly with feeding and grooming, keeping them comfortable and giving them care. I’m excited for this and also a little nervous.

(At the changing room after a work out session, my new running shoes!)

When I bought my scrubs (picture soon to come!) I also bought a nice pair of Nike runners. We needed all white shoes for our uniforms at clinical. They may not be the most sleek shoes on the block, but apparently they are really good for running. I bought these because I plan to go to the gym a lot more often! Even though my friend sort of backed out from our routine, I am forcing myself to become more comfortable with going alone. I’d say it’s really only awkward because I don’t EXACTLY know HOW to work out! I usually run on the treadmill for 15-20 minutes, but then I’m at a loss. I like to lift a few weights, but that area is always crowded with muscle-headed dudes who stare at me incessantly once I approach them. Although, when I went on Friday I asked for help with some of the machines (Including one that works the quads!!) which I’m very excited about. I really want to work on my legs, and now there are some more machines I have learned to use.

I will most likely make a sub-division of this blog dedicated to my fitness goals, since they are very important to me. I want to grow bigger! Not huge, but just… bigger! I also want to improve my cardio so that I can run for miles and miles. That would be great! I notice a huge difference when I go to the gym more frequently. My stamina increases so easily, but it also declines pretty easily as well, so it’s important that I stay on top of things.

I have a lot more things to write about, and pictures to post, but I want to distribute my posts evenly, so this is all for today =)