I can’t believe it’s nearing the end of November already! This month has absolutely flown by. Yesterday I saw snow for the first time this year. I was in the library at my school and flurries began to form violently outside. Everyone in the library gasped and this eerie hush came over the vast room. I started to get this nostalgic feeling. Although I’d be the first one to tell you I hate the snow, I really do love the winter. I’ve had some of my most touching, heart-felt memories in the winter. There’s something about it that makes it so comforting. I suppose the quiet nights when everything is still outside, the brisk air and… the snow is quite pretty after all =)

I have really been going to the gym and eating well this week. Tomorrow I will post a picture of my progress in terms of endurance on the treadmill! I’ve been increasing my distance by about 50 metres a day! Yesterday I ran for further, and longer than I ever have. I am also starting to make friends at the gym, which isn’t easy because you really have to scope out which guys are nice and which just want a piece of ass. HA! But I’ve been doing a good job so far at only associating with the nice ones. Some things I really want for Christmas are some dumbbells, a digital body-weight scale, and maybe a medicine ball!

Here I am in my scrubs on a beautiful Autumn day!

I had my step-dad take this picture of me in my scrubs last week. I really was excited about my new scrubs and wanted to post a picture! I’ve been waiting to post it here until my second experience at clinical so I’d have some nursing-related topics to talk about! I had my second clinical placement a couple of days ago. There wasn’t as much to do this time, but I did clip a woman’s nails (which was not easy as she kept crying when I did, but it had to be done) and fed a patient as I did last week. It was very different than feeding the patient I had the week before, and I really felt the essence of individualized care which we learned about in our classes. Sadly, a patient passed away that day… I walked into his room and saw him laying lifeless on his bed. It was sad, but I suppose something I will have to get used to.

Everything is going well, but I have become a little less motivated. Sadly I failed an assignment last week because I forgot to staple a portion of it together. Thinking I had done so, I handed it in and only got a 32%. I plead my case to the teacher but she refused to change my mark. She recognized that I am a good student and a hard worker, and believed my story that I honestly believed I had everything ready on time, but she claimed it wouldn’t be fair to change my mark and not grant that opportunity to others who made mistakes on their projects. I understood and accepted this, but I seriously have been very hesitant to do much else since that ordeal. I know you can’t just give up when one little thing goes wrong though, so of course I am still doing my work and getting good marks. But I’ve been procrastinating on a lot of it and not studying as much as I should.

At any rate, I’m sure after getting a few good grades back from other classes will boost my confidence again and I will love school like I did before! That’s it for today.