You’re Making Me Nervous

I have spent the last two nights in a row, an approximate 6 hours in total, studying for my quiz this Thursday (That’s tomorrow!) on the Nervous System. While I was sketching a diagram of a nerve, I thought I should take a quick photo of my notes. When I take notes, I seriously take a minimum of 20 pages! I love Anatomy, because I love to draw the diagrams.

I was once very artistic, and still have those artsy traits in myself. I keep promising myself I will get back around to creating art when I have more time and leisure, and I probably will. But I also love science and math, my gosh, I find joy in most things. Anyway, I am having fun studying for this chapter. It’s all about parts of the brain, which I just so happen to be knowledgeable in, thanks to my little cavernoma amigo.

Give me your blessings for my tests and exams these next two weeks! I am anxious for my break, but also a little scared because time off usually makes me become lazy. I will have to think of activities for myself or goals to reach on my Winter break to keep myself as motivated as possible.