Happy Holidays!

The end of my three week break is closing in quickly and I will be returning for my second semester of school in 3 days now! I enjoyed my break, although put off being productive until the very end. I got caught up in the whole “New Years Resolution” bit and procrastinated until then. Thank goodness for the holidays though, it allowed me to get close with those I care about the most.

My four sisters and I sharing the holidays together.

The break is nearly over and my life is going to become even more busy than EVER before! My school schedule is hectic and I will be doing two shifts a week in a clinical setting (Either a hospital or retirement home) for a total of 12 hours, as well as 12 hours in school, and doing about 20-24 hours working part time as a cashier. But I’m looking forward to the challenge and know that I’m a strong and hardworking individual!

Stay tuned!