Eat Well And Prosper

So as of the new year I’m continuing my plan to gain weight by eating more regularly! It’s crazy, for two weeks straight I was literally having one small meal a day. I actually did that my whole life up until recently when I decided to make a serious attempt at being more healthy. I ate healthy & plentiful for about a month and it made a HUGE difference in my life. My energy levels went up, my mood improved, and best of all, I looked great! I stopped after a bad hangover one morning, and told myself I’d start up my diet again when the new year began.

These pictures were taken in the last six days! I’m trying to learn how to cook new things, as well as perfect the few dishes I know how to make. I’ve recently taken to herbs and spices to bring out the flavour in certain foods. My favourite is garlic! Basil is good, too.

When I was eating this way for that one month period, I actually packed on about 10 lbs, raising my weight from 96 lbs to 105! My goal weight is 110, so we’ll see if I can achieve that in the next year.

It’s important that I keep myself healthy – no more hangovers should impede my progress toward a better diet, and life over all! I took some before pictures of myself in my bikini, but not sure if I will post them since – for some reason – I didn’t look very skinny in them! But if the after photos show any sort of difference, you can definitely be sure to check it out when I post those!

I can’t wait until tomorrow, I love to cook & prepare dishes!


Top Left: 1 Piece whole wheat toast, 2 pieces bacon style chicken (MUCH HEALTHIER THAN NORMAL BACON), 2 eggs, 1/2 tomato, shredded cheese & a pinch of garlic
Top Right: 5 grain fed white chicken strips, Ice berg lettuce salad with grape tomatoes and dried cherries topped with shredded cheese
Bottom Left: 1 serving Honey Nut Cheerios with 10 large raspberries & 3 slices strawberries. 1 cup of lactose free skim milk.
Bottom Right: 2 pieces whole wheat bread, 2 slices cheddar cheese, 2 slices ham, 1/2 tomato