I Love What I Do

My first semester has begun and I am off to a great start! I’m mid-way into my first week and I must say I’ve prepared myself very well. Today was my second day at “clinical”, wherein myself and 7 other nursing students are placed at a random nursing home in the GTA. Luckily I landed one nearby, and a very nice one at that! I like it much better than the nursing home they had us in during semester one. For many reasons of which I will not go into, but I will say the atmosphere is just so much better!

I will be at this facility two days a week, six hours a day. Next week I’m being assigned a specific patient! The reality of practice is really starting to set in. Today was my first real day on the floor shadowing a PSW. For the first 7 weeks we will be working with the PSW’s doing basic morning care, grooming, feeding and bathing the patients to exercise our therapeutic communication techniques. After that point, we will have been learning how to give medications in school, so we will actually start giving medications to the residents after our 8th week! And yes, this includes injections! I’m abnormally excited about that!

The PSW I work with at the Long Term Care Facility I’m placed at for Clinical, doing Range of Motion exercises with one of the residents!


I Google searched the facility I’m at to give you all a visual of where I’ll be for these next 14 weeks. Much to my surprise and with great pleasure, I came across this picture, which is actually of the exact woman, a PSW (on the left) I’m going to be working with! It’s really cool that I can share this picture and give you guys a look at exactly what I see when I go there. Today really was great! I honestly love the path that I have chosen. We’re going to be learning a lot of new things this semester, so I will have a lot to share with everyone who reads.

Life is going great in all other aspects, as well!
More to come!