I’ve Got Skills

I have not had much time to write in my blog, to be honest. It makes me so sad because recording my experiences is so important to me! I really need to try my hardest to find the time. I just read over my past entries and it’s SO nice to go back and remember these moments.

With that said, I am presently enjoying my reading week, which marks the half-way point of my SECOND semester! I’d just like to note that I have now finished 6 months of my program, with just 10 months left to go! (I am officially signed up for the intensive fast-track route). Can you believe I will be a nursing graduate in less than a year? It really blows my mind.

So there are a LOT of skills I have learned at school I really must fill you in on. The most exciting in my mind are those pertaining to needles and injections! We received our parenteral medication kits a few weeks ago. Two weeks ago we completed our Medication Administration Exam. A passing grade of 70% or higher allowed for us to start administering medications in our clinical placements at the nursing homes! I have yet to give a needle there, however for the last two weeks I have been administering oral medications! That entails going over the medication administration record, signing my name & documenting that I have ensured all the medications are correct and are given for the right reason, to the right patient, and at the right time, and… the fun part… giving them to the patients to take! Although I have not given a needle at the nursing home, I have had the opportunity to give injections of insulin to my grandmother!

Last week we received our IV kits. Although we won’t be learning how to put an IV catheter into a vein (we may be trained to do that wherever we end up getting a job), we are now learning how to maintain a drip rate and add medications to IV bags. All of that fun stuff! It seriously feels so awesome to learn these things. After reading week we are learning how to attend to open wounds. I’m excited about that one, too!

Finally, in my “Health Assessment” class, we have been learning how to assess patients. This is pretty neat because you literally feel like a Doctor! You get to use your stethoscope to listen (also known as auscultate) for respiratory sounds, as well as heart sounds. We’ve learned how to assess the skin for lesions, turgor, and abnormalities. We’ve learned how to palpate lymph nodes and check the eyes and ears of patients so far. I must admit however, I’m not satisfied with what I’ve learned in this class since my teacher is NEW and doesn’t really do a good job at teaching… but it’s still pretty exciting, nonetheless.

I truly have so much more to say about my clinical experience, my life outside of school, and many other things! But I don’t like to make my entries too long for fear of losing interest from my readers. For this reason, I’m going to leave this entry as a focus on the skills I’ve learned in nursing so far, and my next entry (Probably tonight) I will write about so much more!