Feeling Bloody Good

So the last few skills we have been learning in lab pertain to our IV kits! The skills we are learning are becoming so much more interesting, really making us feel like real nurses! We actually received IV bags of Normal Saline, tubing, piggy-back equipment and even fake blood! This week we learned how to transfuse blood. I studied hard before class and received a 90% on the blood transfusion quiz.

I wanted to focus this entry more on topics outside of school, however. First I’d like to talk about my experiences in the Nursing Home. I don’t have much time to write so I can’t go into much depth, but I just want to say I’ve learned so much about life after witnessing death. It really feels like 10 years have been added to my psyche in the last 6 months. I’d like to add that in the beginning I really wasn’t sure I’d be able to handle the things a nurse witnesses… but I’m extremely shocked, and proud, to say that I do seem to have the perfect mindset for this profession. It’s changed me as a person, and I really do like the person I’ve become. FOR THE MOST PART.

I’ve gone to the gym every day this week. Hopefully, one day, I can stay consistent with working out. I usually work out for 1-2 weeks, then stop for 1-2 weeks, again and again. If I ever find the time, I would REALLY LOVE to join a Muay Thai class & learn how to kick ass. Just as a side note.

This has just been a quick entry, since I actually want to do some Pilates before I shower & go to class. There are some important things I still want to write about, but I will save those for a day when I have more time to write!