Check Point

Today I write my final exam of my second semester. I have done 2 skills exams and 3 written exams over the past seven days, and I must say, I’m exhausted! As much as I’d like to brag about how I studied really hard and prepared myself for all of my exams; I actually didn’t! Though, I should give myself some credit. The way I normally study: I take 50 pages of notes until my hand is about to fall off & drill every little bit of information into my head. The way I studied for the past week’s final exams: Probably the same way everyone else studies. So far, it’s done me well! I got a 90% on my Pharmacology exam and an 81% on my Nursing Care exam. I’m very happy with those grades! (Both 15-20% higher than the class average) I also did extremely well on my skills exams! Today I go in to write my Anatomy exam (I’m getting a 94% in that course right now) and I know it’s going to be a piece of cake! But I’m still up 6 hours early to study =)

Karen, Allie and I practicing for our skills exams in the Nursing Lab, final days of school!

The completion of today’s exam marks the HALF-WAY point of my journey through Practical Nursing! Since I’m going straight through the Summer, I will get two weeks off – then right back to class! Sadly, not everyone has chosen to go through the Summer, and so a lot of the familiar faces I have come to know and love at school won’t be around anymore. I hope we can all keep in touch throughout our lives, and who knows? Maybe we’ll end up working side by side one day down the road!

(I wanted to get a lot more pictures of my classmates, but it’s been hard since everyone finishes their exams at different times! If I do manage to get more, I will surely post them.)

Aside from that my life is going well. I have been eating healthy and working out. I’m happy with my boyfriend, we just booked a stay at a very nice hotel in Niagara Falls for my 2 week break! I’ll definitely post pictures of our venture there. I know it’s going to be amazing! Also I will post about my final grades… my goal is an average of 80 or higher!

I want that 4.0, baby!