Yesterday I did a huge, much needed grocery shopping mission! I love grocery shopping for a few reasons. First of all, it makes you feel responsible. Secondly, it makes you feel satisfied! And most of all… it means there’s lots of great things at home to eat!

The following are ESSENTIAL on my grocery shopping list:

SunRype VANILLA APPLE PEAR juice (absolutely orgasmic tasting juice, must try!), V8 V-Fusion 6 packs (pomegranate blueberry and strawberry banana flavours), Lactose free milk, bananas, mushrooms, strawberries, green leaf lettuce, a LOT of tomatoes, PICKLES (YUM YUM YUM), Alfredo sauce, mustard, COLD CUTS (my favourites are turkey & ham), CHICKEN BACON – ugh, you guys really need to replace normal bacon with this stuff, I love it – Havarti cheese slices, Country Harvest Oats & Honey bread & 12-grain tortilla wraps, Jane’s Carved Chicken Strips and finally: SUPER HEALTHY EGGS!

Other things I usually buy but didn’t since we already had some at home: Grapes, kiwis, plum sauce, raspberries, blueberries, Ensure, raisins and fruit cups =)

So there you go, my MUST-HAVES for survival! I try to eat as healthy and clean as possible – I ALWAYS avoid buying junk food like cookies, chips, ice creams. And most of all I avoid preserved foods such as frozen dinners and even canned soups. You will never see me buying those! It’s SO important to eat the right amount of food through out the day. I always try to have 3 meals and at least 3 snacks in between.

Since I have two weeks off, I’m planning to pick some recipes from the plethora of cook-books I have and try to learn how to make something new! I’m not a total dud when it comes to cooking, but I’m the first to admit that I have a lot to learn. I will take pictures of this adventure, most definitely! I’ll post the results of my newly made dish for all of you to see. Wish me luck on that endeavor.

Stay tuned!