Home Away From Home

I just came home from a trip to Niagara Falls a few days ago. The decision to go on the trip stemmed from a promotional offer I had received via email from a website I use, which gives good deals on a variety of items. (http://www.groupon.com) I find this site is amazing because not only do you get great deals online, but you are also informed about all of these new & interesting things! I even purchased a voucher to go on an hour long trail ride – that’s horseback riding – that I will use this summer as well!

So I received a one night stay for two in a nice room with a jacuzzi and all! I printed up a map of Niagara and off we went. I’ve been to Niagara Falls many times. But I need to express that this time was different. In the past, it was all about partying… Getting to the hotel room and drinking my face off before going out on the strip. This time though, I made sure that I didn’t stop at the LCBO. In fact, I only had two drinks the entire time I was down there (one at lunch, one at dinner). It made the experience so much better… so much more memorable, to say the least! What’s more, although I’ve been to Niagara so many times – this time felt so much different because I was the one behind the wheel. I was driving, I was directing. It made me feel so responsible… so strong, and independent. As we were driving on the highway, my boyfriend looked at me and said,

“You’re quite spontaneous. I really like that.”

I smiled at the prospect that I’d impressed him with my idea to go to Niagara. With my meticulous planning, arranging all of the details. Everyone hopes to come off as exciting, outgoing, spontaneous to the outside world – or at least it’s something I’ve always longed for. And as I heard him say it, it really felt nice to know that someone finally saw me that way.

Having lots of fun on the strip

I was worried we may get lost, but we didn’t. The weather wasn’t very kind to us, but I was pretty happy anyway. I was in a daze the whole time, to be honest. A little standoffish in all honesty. But at the end of the day, it was the most fun I’d ever had on the strip. We had lunch at a Boston Pizza, then walked down around the falls. We checked in at our hotel and I showered & got ready for dinner. We went to TGI-Friday’s where I had Tilapia… something I’d never tried before (I am always trying to experience new things now). I enjoyed it! Next we drove to the Casino – which by the way, I had no idea where I was going… But I found my way and it was so rewarding. I also won a small amount of cash at the Casino, which really made my day! I’ve barely ever won anything – let alone CASH! I was ecstatic. We went home nice and early and woke up for a free breakfast buffet… the nicest one I’ve ever seen, in fact. I had waffles, bacon and hash browns.

Our super beautiful room at the Courtyard Marriott

Finally, we drove to Fort Erie and spent the entire day with my grandmother. Although we didn’t do much other than talk, I really enjoyed myself. I knew my grandmother was so happy to see me, and so happy that it was my idea which I had surprised her with. It felt so great to make her happy like that.

I enjoyed myself on my trip and I also felt so proud of myself for so many reasons once I got home. I look forward to more vacations in the future =)