Summer Time & The Living’s Easy

I’ve started my Summer semester at school. This semester is a lot more laid back and relaxed than the previous semesters. I’m extremely disappointed with how the school has done things, though. I don’t want to get into it… but I’ve been pretty stressed – worrying about how the school’s disorganized and unprofessional procedures will affect my inevitable path toward becoming a nurse. I’ve been trying to stay positive through out everything and ensure myself that no matter what happens, I can and will make the best of it – I will just have to work a little harder than the next person. Unfortunately, the group of students I am a part of really got the short end of the stick, as everything seems to be up in the air (clinical placements, who’s teaching us, course material, etc) However – this is literally the story of my life. I’m not going to sit here and say my life is the worst; but I’ll let you guys know it certainly has not been easy.

With that said, and I hate to say it because I want this blog to be as positive as possible, I HAVE been making the best of things. I’m still happy with my choices and excited to finish school up in these next 7 months. For this, my third semester, I have been placed in another Nursing Home in Vaughan. Though it’s quite a drive, the home is the nicest I’ve seen so far. The staff is extremely accommodating and kind! Not to mention all of us students have been working together for 9 months now, so we have all become pretty good friends. We have good times and great laughs. I’ve even become friends with the nurse that I shadow at the home. He’s about my age (surprisingly) and very funny. It makes me feel comfortable.

So far in lab we have been covering Pre-Op/Post-Op patient teaching, sterile wound care + removal of sutures/staples, and nasogastric tube insertion. I like my lab teacher. I also had to choose an elective this semester, which I chose Nutrition for Well Being. I’m very happy with my choice, I love the class and the teacher and feel like I’m really learning a lot.

Here I am performing the NG Tube Insertion at school

I’ll write again soon.