Let Me Heal You

Although I’m supposed to be enjoying my reading week off of school, I have been extremely busy! I’ve been scheduled at work every day, and the one day I booked off I spent traveling to my school to attend an Interactive Lunch & Learn on Innovations in Wound-Care. I was tempted not to go at all when I woke up in the morning, with the notion of having a day COMPLETELY OFF for the first time in weeks; however I knew this was a great opportunity that I shouldn’t pass up.

When I arrived at school I received a name tag and entered one of the Nursing Lab pods for a seminar. A representative from KCI (Kinetic Concepts Inc) spoke with us and introduced V.A.C. Therapy – Vacuum Assisted Closure Therapy. I had no idea what to expect when I came for this workshop, although I thought we were going to be focusing on traditional wound care and practicing our skills. However, we were exposed to this new technology and I learned a lot about it.

Essentially V.A.C. Therapy is used to heal and close wounds – particularly surgical wounds – and is proven to be more effective than traditional therapy. The system works with a series of sponges combined with the use of a negative pressure vacuum system. The sponges are placed in the wound and attached to a tube with vacuums the sponge, causing it to shrivel up. This brings the edges of the wound closer together, while also sucking up infectious material and exudate from the wound. It also promotes proliferation of healthy cells, causing granulation vital to the healing process by forcing cells to divide under pressure.

Wow, I really retained a lot, didn’t I?

Here we are about to try to put our V.A.C. skills to the test!

After the seminar we received a free lunch – pizza and pop! Next we got to do some hands on skills with the V.A.C. systems themselves and some replica wounds. There were four stations with different types of wounds. We got to try to apply a “VAC Dressing” to our wounds and then test it with a machine to see if we’d done it well. The experience was very fun and it was great to be exposed to this new technology. Some students said they had seen V.A.C. systems in their clinical placements, so it’s good to know that when I start working and come into contact with one of these machines, I’ll know what it’s all about!

This is my attempt at applying a V.A.C. Dressing!

At the end of the day we all received a certificate for attending an educational session on VAC Therapy. We also got free Sheridan College Nursing T-Shirts! I was very excited about that, even though they didn’t have a size that fit me properly. I’m glad I was able to experience this workshop and am grateful that KCI presented this opportunity to my school and my peers.

Here’s a brief video on V.A.C. Therapy & Where you can find more info: