I’ve Got Skills

I have not had much time to write in my blog, to be honest. It makes me so sad because recording my experiences is so important to me! I really need to try… Continue reading

I Love What I Do

My first semester has begun and I am off to a great start! I’m mid-way into my first week and I must say I’ve prepared myself very well. Today was my second day… Continue reading

Eat Well And Prosper

So as of the new year I’m continuing my plan to gain weight by eating more regularly! It’s crazy, for two weeks straight I was literally having one small meal a day. I… Continue reading

Happy Holidays!

The end of my three week break is closing in quickly and I will be returning for my second semester of school in 3 days now! I enjoyed my break, although put off… Continue reading

You’re Making Me Nervous

I have spent the last two nights in a row, an approximate 6 hours in total, studying for my quiz this Thursday (That’s tomorrow!) on the Nervous System. While I was sketching a… Continue reading

Life Is Full of Ups And Downs

Today was a good day. After two weeks of dwelling and feeling uninspired, I have finally got my positive energy back! I’d really love to know what causes this to happen within myself!… Continue reading


I can’t believe it’s nearing the end of November already! This month has absolutely flown by. Yesterday I saw snow for the first time this year. I was in the library at my… Continue reading

Wise Words

Stumbled on this, surfing the web this evening. There are many things I still need to improve on in my life, including my ability to do the the above. Well, most of them… Continue reading

Certified Happiness

I finally, after prolonging the process, received my certificate in CPR training and basic First Aid! This was necessary to obtain before being able to enter my clinical placement (Which was totally today,… Continue reading

Twinkle Toes

Wow! I’ve gone so long without writing. For this I truly apologize, mostly to myself. In all truth, There hasn’t been an exceedingly large amount of things to write about! I did amazing… Continue reading